Biggest World War II bomb weighing over 5000 kg explodes underwater in Poland

A British war II bomb exploded whereas being created safe underwater by navy demolition specialists in northwestern Poland on Tuesday. nobody was injured.

The 5.4-ton bureau bomb was found in Sept 2019 below a waterway resulting in the port of Szczecin throughout work to deepen the passage. quite 750 individuals were exhausted for the sappers’ operation since it absolutely was settled on the southern fringe of the favored sea resort of Swinoujscie, that like Szczecin was a busy Nazi Germany military port during the war.

Polish navy demolition consultants were attempting to neutralize it underwater through remote

A navy spokesman, Lt. Col. Grzegorz Lewandowski, told The Associated Press that nobody was bruised since all the sappers were at a secure distance from the blast, that was felt by native residents in Swinoujscie.

“The operation was administered utterly and safely and therefore the bomb is safe now,” Lewandowski said.

He noted it absolutely was giantst} ever such operation by sappers in Poland, wherever unexploded

The bureau bomb was designed by British technologist Barnes Wallis and was employed by the Royal Air Force to destroy large Nazi-controlled assets tho’ underground shocks.

The one in Swinoujscie was in all probability employed in Apr 1945 on the Nazi German battlewagon Luetzow. consultants don’t understand why it didn’t explode at the time.



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