Fire Brigades Union joins full investigation for Beirut explosion

The hearth Brigades Union (FBU) has joined Amnesty International in business on the united kingdom Government to press for a full international investigation into the devastating explosion in capital of Lebanon 3 months ago.

In a brand new one-minute video, United Kingdom protector Holly Ferguson, 36, who has been within the fire service for eleven years, says the Beirut explosion was “the stuff of nightmares”.

Ferguson says the Lebanese firefighters were “badly let down” by officers who knew that dangerous chemicals were keep at the port however didn’t pass this data on.

The large four August Beirut blast killed 10 firefighters from the Beirut hearth Brigade — Najeeb Hati, Charbel Hati, Ralph Malahi, Charbel Karam, Joe Noun, Rami Kaaki, Joe Bou Saab, Elie Khouzami, Mathal Hawa and Sahar Fares, a protector paramedic.

Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty International Amnesty United Kingdom, said:

“Lebanon includes a long and wretched history of its politicians permitting serious crimes — together with serious human rights violations — to travel unpunished, and that’s exactly what seems to be happening everywhere again.

“The UK ought to create it crystal clear to the Lebanese authorities that it’s time to interrupt with the past and hold those chargeable for the devastation of four August to account.”

In October 2019, a series of new protests erupted in in Asian nation over corruption and poor living standards. For weeks, tens of thousands of protesters assembled in cities, cities and villages across the country. The military and security forces skilled the mostly peaceful protests with beatings, teargas, rubber bullets, and sometimes live ammunition and pellets. the safetyion forces additionally didn’t protect protesters from attacks by armed supporters of political parties. many protesters were seriously wounded, whereas dozens were in remission and unlawfully detained. In detention, several according being subjected to severe beatings, sometimes amounting to torture. Activists and journalists are prosecuted, including before military courts.



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