Iranian prisoner dies of heart attack

A 55-year-old Iranian convict died from a heart attack after being informed that his death penalty sentence was being retracted for a murder he committed 18 years ago because the victim’s family forgave him.

Iranian newspaper Hamshahri said the man, Akbar, had been detained along with four others for premeditated murder.

He was convicted along with another man, Davood, who had reportedly already been executed for his involvement in the murder.

A dispute-resolution board mediated between the victim’s family and Akbar. The family initially resisted granting clemency, but eventually gave their support after hearing of his poor health.

But as the family experienced a change of heart, Akbar’s failed, with the overjoyed prisoner dying before he could taste



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Lucas Bakker

Lucas Bakker

I am a content marketer, freelance writer and a blogger. I write what’s on my mind. Basketball is my sport. I also love to cook and eat.