Saudi Arabia’s Stategy are Stable to do Well in a decade

I want to share my thoughts with what I read today. Turkey thinks that it can not stand by from the sidelines and watch this fight. The bold Turkish power play in the Caucasus, connected to both regional and international contexts, was based on this stance. In regional terms, the participation of Turkey was closely connected to the fact that Russia was already deeply engaged with Syria and Ukraine, which could weaken its influence in the Armenia-Azerbaijan dispute.

Through this, The EU and US have been occupied with their own domestic environments in the international sense, ensuring that there will be little to no Western reaction to what was happening in the Caucasus. It would not be incorrect to say that what happened Monday in Syria was the apparent spillover impact of what is happening between Turkey and Russia behind the scenes in the Caucasus. Therefore, a reminder of the Joint Action Plan of the 2000s is what is needed for Turkish-Russian relations.