Traders import onions from Iran, Egypt

“Around twenty five tonnes of the 600 tonnes are dropped at the APMC market. Those have been oversubscribed at ₹51 per metric weight unit in wholesale whereas the Indian onions are priced between ₹60 and ₹70,” Abdul Razak Memon, a monger from APMC market, aforementioned.

Mr. Memon said a lot of onions are expected from Egypt by the last week of October. “We had ordered the onions from Islamic Republic of Iran around 25 days ago. the method from Iran is slow and therefore the payment strategies are tedious. Instead, we’d be mercantilism onions from Egypt. Onions from Turkey are also imported. This time, the speed there is also at the upper facet and hence, we have a tendency to are going with Egypt,” he aforementioned.

He said that last year, the National Agricultural Cooperative selling Federation (Nafed) too had got onions from Turkey.

On Monday, around seventy nine vehicles with 13,722 sacks of Indian onions entered the APMC market. they’re oversubscribed up to ₹80 per metric weight unit in retail.

According to traders, the monsoon and loss of crops have LED to the increase within the onion price.