Turkey establishing permanent military base in Azerbaijan

Strategists fear that with the establishment of the military base in Azerbaijan,Turkish President Erdogan might begin compromising the security of the countries in the region. They also see it as an attempt to further his Caliphate desire through military channels .

The military cooperation between both the countries has already been concerning the regional players. During last year, both the countries organised 10 joint military exercises. The Turkish government has also been working on the capacity building of the Azeri Army, besides supplying it ammunition and drones. All these developments are leading to instability in the region.

Most recently, both the countries organised a joint military exercise during the escalated tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia in July-August. Reports suggest that the Turkish Air Force even left its six F-16 jets in Azerbaijan’s Nakshivan after the exercise. The leaving behind of F-16 fighter jets in Azerbaijan highlights that Turkey may need been reaching to attack Asian country terribly shortly once the Joint exercise. tho’ the ethnos authorities are denying the logic of preparation of jets as early preparation of war with Armenia, Strategists see the deployment solely for the aim of a pre-planned offensive.



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