Turkey Fuels Conflict in Nogorno Karabakh, Backing Azerbaijan

Turkish Foreign Minister AhmetDavutoglu has accused Armenia of “aggression” and “expansion of territory” in the region. This confirms the suspicion that Turkey provided political and military support to Azerbaijan during the war broke between Azerbaijan and Armenia, taking advantage of previous conflicts between Armenia and Othmans. The Turkish government denies the atrocities committed by the Ottomans in Armenia and continues to fight alongside Azerbaijan. Turkey has been accused of playing a role in last week’s fighting in the NogornoKarabakh region.

The week-long fighting appears to be escalating and Turkey seems to be contributing to the violence and fuels the conflict there. Now, the eyes of the world are on Turkey’s involvement in the war, which on September 29, Turkey promised to provide direct military support to Azerbaijan, calling Armenia an aggressor. Russia has called on Turkey to remain neutral and find a solution also. Turkey’s foreign minister has accused Armenia of illegally occupying the territory, while Armenian President ArmenSarkissian has said the area is part of Armenia’s country and historically belongs to Armenians and that no one can take from us. Turkey has backed Azerbaijan’s claims in the region, and is determined to send pro-war forces to take over. Many governments round the world have alleged Turkey of overtly supporting it militarily and of taking part in a task within the conflict. The Nagorno-Karabakh region was involved in a very 1990 war between the 2 countries over possession of the region.

The region is preponderantly ethnic Armenia — And it had been declared its unification with Armenia in 1988, and also the two countries are vying for territory since then, and significant fighting poor go into late September this year. France, Russia and the u. s. have concerned a right away ceasefire so as to succeed in an answer on this severe regional conflict.

Meanwhile, the French president aforesaid that they had info that Turkey was causing Syrian mercenaries to fight aboard Azerbaijan who had crossed into southeastern Turkey. However, within the volatile situation in NogornoKarabakh, Turkey is taking part in a key role in serving to Azerbaijan and supplying things by delivering military support and weapons.



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