Yemeni army soldiers, allied fighters seize control over strategic region in Ma’rib

Yemeni army soldiers and fighters from allied Popular Committees have asserted control over a strategic area in the country’s central province of Ma’rib as they continue to gain on-ground military progress in their battles against Saudi-led coalition forces and their mercenaries. Local sources, requesting not to be named, told Yemen Press Agency that Yemeni troops and their allies have seized Wadi Nakhla area, which lies northwest of the provincial capital city of Ma’rib, following fierce clashes with troops affiliated with the Saudi-led coalition and al-Qaeda elements. The sources added that Yemeni army forces and Popular Committees fighters have strengthened their positions in and around the area to repel any possible attack by Saudi-led forces and Takfiri terrorists. The Spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said at a press conference on Friday that Yemeni army troops and allied Popular Committees had managed to liberate an area of 1,600 square kilometers in the oil-rich Ma’rib province, and killed or wounded thousands of mercenaries in the process.

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